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"Anxiety coaching provided by one of the foremost coaches in the field of anxiety management."

Malminder Gill

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Harley Street London 

"Dean's approach to anxiety coaching is truly remarkable; his passion shines through as he employs a multidisciplinary strategy to facilitate your recovery."

Dana Shalit

Therapist & Breakthrough Facilitator

"I admire Dean's contributions to his community; our missions are akin, both focused on illuminating the importance of Mental Health for the collective well-being."

Dr Daniel Amen

World Renowned Celebrity Psychiatrist

Let Me Introduce Myself

Greetings, I'm Dean Stott ā€“ a 3-time bestselling author and the visionary behind DLCanxiety. Our vibrant community has swelled to over 1.4 million members across our social platforms, and it's with immense joy that I step forward to introduce myself. I'm not just an anxiety coach; I'm a beacon of support, armed with certifications in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and the art of life coaching.

My journey isn't just marked by certifications; it's painted with a degree in psychology, a canvas that deepens my grasp of the human mind's intricate brushstrokes. But it's more than qualifications; it's personal triumph. I've conquered my own anxiety and panic disorder, and this victory ignites my dedication to guiding others through similar struggles.

In the past four years, I've embarked on an incredible expedition ā€“ engaging with the luminaries of the mental health realm. These conversations, rich with insights, have not only expanded my understanding but also honed my coaching approach. By staying at the vanguard of anxiety management advancements, I'm armed to offer my clients the finest coaching experience, one built on the bedrock of the latest discoveries.

Integrating Evidence Based Techniques

As an anxiety coach, my aspiration is to craft an unparalleled coaching journey that weaves together the threads of my expertise. With finesse, I blend evidence-based methodologies from CBT, DBT, and life coaching, fashioning a bespoke and all-encompassing approach for every individual under my guidance.

Holistic And Integrated Support System

In my role as an anxiety coach, my purpose is to weave together a transformative coaching experience that encompasses the full spectrum of my expertise. Seamlessly interlacing evidence-based techniques drawn from CBT, DBT, and life coaching, I strive to create a personalized and holistic journey for each and every individual I have the privilege to guide. It's my belief that through this collaborative approach, we can unearth the strength within and illuminate the path to profound growth and healing.

Tailor Made Coaching To Suit You

If you're in search of potent coping strategies, amplifying emotional resilience, or nurturing personal growth, my coaching services are meticulously crafted to align with your unique requirements. My commitment revolves around not just aiding you in navigating anxiety but flourishing in its presence. The prospect of embarking on this voyage of transformation alongside you fills me with anticipation and zeal.

Let's forge a path united, weaving a future imbued with serenity, unwavering confidence, and a tapestry of fulfilled aspirations.

Recommended Therapists

Should you be seeking to enrich your journey further and desire a therapeutic component to complement your anxiety coaching, I'm pleased to extend a referral to a therapist well-versed in my anxiety coaching approach. The amalgamation of these two avenues holds the potential for manifold advantages. By synergizing both these approaches, you're poised to receive a well-rounded foundation for navigating your anxiety.

While anxiety coaching imparts specific strategies and techniques for tackling anxiety head-on, therapy delves deeper into the intricate labyrinth of root causes and emotional nuances that underlie it. This symbiotic alliance empowers you to foster a more holistic grasp of your anxiety, fortify your coping toolkit, and delve into any emotional or psychological facets that may contribute to your unease.

With the therapist attuned to the intricacies of the anxiety coaching methodology, you're ensured a seamless continuity between your therapy and coaching experiences, each enhancing the progress catalyzed by the other. Together, the synergy of anxiety coaching and therapy forms a robust, comprehensive support framework, equipping you to effectively address and navigate the intricacies of your anxiety journey.

My Services


I provide worldwide 1-2-1 coaching services to individuals seeking support for anxiety. I offer several package options to cater to different needs:

Minimum Packages: My minimum package consists of 4 x 1-hour coaching sessions. This package is designed to provide a foundational level of support and guidance.

Extended Packages: For those seeking more in-depth coaching, I offer packages of 8 x 1-hour sessions 

12 x 1-hour sessions. These extended packages allow for a more comprehensive exploration of anxiety management strategies and personal growth.

Additionally, for clients who require further sessions beyond the initial packages, I offer the flexibility to purchase additional sessions on an hourly basis.

My coaching services are conducted either via telephone, Zoom video calls, or in person. For in-person sessions, please note that travel and accommodation expenses will need to be included in the pricing.

If you are looking to be coached by one of the leading professionals in the field of anxiety coaching, I encourage you to reach out to me. Let's embark on this transformative journey of recovery together!

Please feel free to message me to get started and take the first step towards overcoming anxiety and reclaiming control of your life.




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