DLC Anxiety book launch service

Give your book the launch it deserves.

Are you a Psychologist/Psychiatrist/Psychotherapist or Mental health advocate currently thinking about or creating an exciting new book? How much planning have you put into your 'Launch week'?

Many people havent even heard of the term 'launch week' Yet alone planned for it. But did you know that 87% of the success of your book is determined before it is even released! Take a second and let that sink in.

What does that tell you? Well to me it screams out that if you werent planning for a launch week, you should be putting it to the forefront of your plans right this instance!

But I have a publisher I dont need to worry right? WRONG! 

This service was created because of the increasing amount of mental health professionals that contact ourselves asking for book promotions because their Publishers have fallen short of their expectations. We are more than happy to offer book promotions across our mental health platforms which we continue to do with great success. The DLC Anxiety community has over 1.25 million followers worldwide across all social media platforms making it the worlds largest anxiety support community.

We know our launch service will give you the biggest impact you could wish for. 

We know how vital 'hype' is surrounding a new release and we want to be able to offer you a bespoke launch service at an incredibly low price point. That gives you and your new project the attention it deserves to make it a hit success!

'Untangle your anxiety' hits best seller status on opening day!

Our Book launch service is already a proven success. 'Untangle your anxiety' became a best selling book in over 5 countries worldwide Including: UK, USA, CANADA, UAE and Australlia. 


*Limited spaces available*

Due to the success of our previous launch this NEW BOOK LAUNCH SERVICE IS EXTREMELY POPULAR.

We only have limited spaces available in the calendar so even if your book isnt scheduled for 3/6/12 months down the line, get in contact now to provisionally book your launch week to avoid dissapointment.