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'The worlds largest anxiety support community'

When someone starts experiencing anxiety disorders they often feel isolated and trapped. From my experience you feel as though you are in a downward spiral with no happy ending. I remember convincing myself often that this was my new way of living, i felt hopeless demotivated and well yes worried!

The reason DLC Anxiety has been so successful is because it offers a shared experience for people who are going through similar experiences. People feel connected, motivated by each others recovery journey. I have seen many friendships blossom. There is nothing that makes you feel more connected than the support of another who is going through a shared experience. DLC gives hope for those who need it. The community doesnt offer solutions. DLC Anxiety encourages individuals to seek medical help if they feel they are going through an anxiety disorder or if anxiety is having an effect on a persons day to day living. The community offers psycho-educational posts that help to highlight and educate around: Anxiety and the stigma's surrounding it. We aim to spread awareness to all four corners of the globe. Anxiety doesnt have a set religion, gender, age or sexual preference. Anxiety doesnt have a certain 'Look' anxiety can affect anyone and if anxiety is affecting you DLC Anxiety is here to tell you that you are not alone on your journey to recovery and we strive to share tips and advice from medical professionals/advocates/celebrities and services from around the world through our IGTV Interview series and podcast. 


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Dean speaking with mental health experts and celebrities

IGTV Interviews

DLC Anxiety provides interviews from leading medical professionals, celebrities, advocates and businesses from all over the globe. Discussing all aspects of anxiety from a clinical, industry and society point of view.  .

Youtube- Just Search DLC Anxiety

New to 2021 DLC Anxiety has continued it's growth onto other platforms. You can find DLC Anxiety on Youtube. Where founder 'Dean' will be dissecting interviews from professionals around the world. As well as discussing his own personal journey to recovery. We would love for you to come and join us on this new journey.