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MHP (Mental health pathways) creates pathways for mental health advocates, businesses, brands and professionals in the world of social media.

MHP has already helped mental health related social media accounts grow from a few thousand followers to over 150k.

MHP takes the stress away from social media management. We know how it can feel like an uphill battle against the social media algorthims.

DLC Anxiety has grown from 0-over 1 million followers organically and we want to show you how to reach your full potential. Our service is extremely popular within the mental health industry due to our amazing results. 

We create bespoke plans to suit your business needs. 

Get in contact today and give your social media the TLC it deserves.



We offer a three tier service

Entry Level- Account review

This will be a full review of your account with an action plan of steps you can put in place right now to improve your account.

To book in for a review please- click here. 


Tier 2- 1 hour video consultancy service

In this video consultation we will discuss the action plan in detail and put further strategies in place to help maximise the potential of your account.

To book in your 1 hour video consultation please- Click here 


Tier 3- Client retainer scheme

This is an invite only- growth scheme. the scheme lasts for 6 weeks and has limited spaces due to it's popularity and success. After the 6 weeks you get the option to continue the plan on a weekly basis.

To enquiry about getting on the client retainer scheme please- Click here and leave your details.

dlc approved resources

Josh is a psychotherapist specialising in working with anxiety and panic. Josh is a best selling author of two self help books for anxiety and hosts a popular podcast 'The panic pod'


Manchester UK

Dr Radha is a practising NHS GP broadcaster and campainger for wellbeing. Radha educates in creative and fun ways to encourage people to stay healthy.

@dr_radha (instagram)


Dr Julie smith is a clinical psychologist, online educator, blogger and owner of a private practice. Dr Julie Smith has devoted her career to learning everything she can about mental health and the intricacies of the human mind.



Amen clinics specialize in an innovative brain-body approach to diagnosis and treatment planning for a wide range of emotional, behavioral, learning, cognitive and weight loss issues for children, teenagers and adults .

@amen_clinics (Instagram)

California US

DLC Anxiety partnered with The depression project bring you the very best book resources take a look here:

Click here-'How to explain anxiety to your loved one'

Click here-'How to support a loved one with depression'

Click here-'Depression library books'

@realdepressionproject (Instagram)


Multi award winning hypnotherapist and coach

Featured in The Times-The Telegraph and Daily Mail

Malminders bespoke therapy plans are informed by rigorous and innovative scientific research.

@malminder.gill (Instagram)

London UK