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Advertising To A Global Monthly Reach of Over 93 Million People (Last 30 days alone)


Step into the thriving universe of DLC Anxiety – a juggernaut in anxiety support that extends its embrace to over 2.2 million devoted followers across our Instagram and Tiktok network.

But here's where the narrative transforms into a symphony of global resonance. Imagine, beyond the confines of numbers, a monthly reach that stretches over 93 million souls, spanning both the dynamic landscapes of Instagram and TikTok. This is more than reach; it's a movement, a collective striving for healing, understanding, and empowerment.

Now, the spotlight shifts to you. Do you carry a service seeking to blossom? Whether you're a seasoned Psychologist, a nurturing Psychotherapist, a guiding counselor, or an inspirational life coach – your expertise deserves to shine at the heart of our thriving anxiety support community. And if your treasure trove holds anxiety-relief products or innovative tech/app solutions, the global audience here is poised to listen.

The stage isn't confined to pragmatism; it celebrates the creative souls, too. Musicians and artists, who intertwine their artistry with the delicate threads of mental health narratives, find a resonating canvas here.

And all this, without the hefty price tags of conventional advertising. Instead, your brilliance finds its spotlight at a fraction of the cost.

So, if you're ready to bask in the global limelight, if you're prepared to share your genius with millions who await, then simply take that step. Fill in the form below, articulate your dreams and offerings, and watch as the DLC Anxiety price list – a key to your radiant journey – materializes in your inbox, illuminating the path ahead.

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