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Introducing our Empowering "Pay What You Want" Initiative for Digital Products: Bringing Opportunity to All Worldwide!

At the heart of our mission lies the unwavering belief that everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances, deserves access to resources that foster personal growth and well-being. That's why we're thrilled to announce our groundbreaking "Pay What You Want" scheme for our range of digital products—a movement that empowers individuals from all corners of the globe to access invaluable content on their own terms.

We recognize that financial constraints can be a barrier to education and self-improvement, and we're committed to breaking down those barriers. With our innovative approach, you're not just purchasing a product; you're investing in your own transformation. You now have the liberty to set your own price—offering us whatever feels right for you, whatever aligns with your financial reality.

Think of it as a partnership—a way for us to provide you with top-notch content that can potentially change your life, and in return, you contribute an amount that's meaningful for you. It's a step towards inclusivity, recognizing that everyone's journey is unique.

Here's how it works: Browse our curated selection of digital products, choose what resonates with you, and then decide what you'd like to offer in exchange. It's about embracing flexibility and honoring your circumstances. By participating, you become part of a global movement that values accessibility and personal growth for all.

So, whether you're in a position to contribute generously or are working within budget constraints, our "Pay What You Want" initiative ensures that you have the opportunity to access transformative content. This isn't just about commerce; it's about empowering you to embark on your journey to self-improvement, no matter where you are.

Feel the freedom. Set your price. And let's journey together towards a future enriched by knowledge, understanding, and growth.


Greater Than Panic (Digital) Anxiety & Panic Recovery Book

7.99 USD (Recommended)

CHLOE (Digital) Anxiety Superpower Book 1

7.99 USD (Recommended)

Steven (Digital) Anxiety Superpower Prequel

5.99 USD (Recommended)

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  • DaknBlue Minimalist Horror Ebook Cover
  • Change

Anxiety Superpower Series Bundle (Digital)

12.99 USD (Recommended)

  • OfaDD5o8hpk
  • FT2WwbS1LJQ
  • DaknBlue Minimalist Horror Ebook Cover
  • Change
  • Ebook

Anxiety Book Bundle 1 (Digital)

16.99 USD (Recommended)

Combat Fear Of Flying Self Help Guide (Digital)

3.99 USD (Recommended)


Hypnosis For Anxiety

15.99 USD (Recommended)

Hypnosis For Confidence

15.99 USD (Recommended)

  • rUfUd-7WW78.jpg
  • DaknBlue Minimalist Horror Ebook Cover

Hypnosis For MRI Scan

15.99 USD (Recommended)

Hypnosis For Anxiety & Confidence Bundle

30.00 USD (Recommended)

Smoking Cessation Course

59.99 USD (Recommended)

6 Week Mindful Weight Loss Course

279.00 USD (Recommended)