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Untangle Your Anxiety

A guide to overcoming an anxiety disorder by two people who have been through it. 

Untangle your anxiety was written by Psychotherapist, Joshua Fletcher and Dean Stott founder of DLC Anxiety, to help you overcome excessive anxiety. Having both been diagnosed in the past with anxiety disorders, then successfully overcoming them, Josh and Dean have witten this honest and powerful self-help book as a reassuring aid in your recovery 

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Greater Than Panic

An inspiring story of anxiety disorder recovery and the creation of a global mental health community. 

In Greater Than Panic Dean takes you back to the very day his anxiety disorder made a mysterious appearance in a shopping centre. This is the first account of how his anxiety disorder developed and manifested and what methods he put in place to overcome it once and for all. In this book Dean explores the different types of anxiety disorders, the tools used to tackle these anxiety disorders and the science backed evidence supporting the use of different treatment options for anxiety. 

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