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Preferred Authors 2024

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Here, you'll delve into a handpicked selection of distinguished authors, each contributing unique expertise and perspectives across various literary realms. Our curated list encompasses a variety of authors, extending beyond mental health-specific topics. We recognize that reading is a beneficial mindfulness tool that aids recovery, providing a holistic approach to well-being.

The page is thoughtfully crafted to grant you effortless access to invaluable resources, allowing you to explore author profiles seamlessly. Click on each author's name to directly connect with their works or website.

Embark on a literary journey through the wealth of storytelling and knowledge offered by these Preferred Authors of 2024. Your exploration into diverse narratives and thought-provoking content begins right here.

Reading, as a mindful activity, engages the mind in a focused and present manner. It encourages concentration, promotes relaxation, and provides an immersive escape into different worlds. As you peruse the works of our Preferred Authors, consider how reading can be a mindful practice contributing to your overall well-being

Jane writes YA Fantasy and Retellings. Her latest book, A Holder of Hope, a retelling of the Pandora myth, comes out in February 2024. You can find her at

Erica Richmond is the author of the Pixie series, co-host of The Mail Art Stories Project, writing mentor, and editor. She helps writers break through creative blocks, embrace imperfection, and
find connection through the written word. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook for creative
inspiration and real-life stories.

Jen Legaspi is a master life coach, yoga teacher, and writer. In her book, 'Brave Wise Woman,' she recounts her personal journey of self-reclamation and self-love after a midlife divorce and as a columnist for Expert Profile Magazine, she explores the theme of living a brave life. In her coaching practice, Jen empowers midlife women to reclaim their identity and cultivate self-love after a relationship ends so they can navigate the next chapter and forge new, healthier romantic connections with greater resilience, self-trust, and courage.

Alexandra Crivici-Kramer, an award-winning poet, debuted "The Rivers Keep Singing" in December 2023. Her poetry explores self-discovery, the body's link to nature, and the rawness of new motherhood. Beyond her creative work, she founded Aesthetically Poetic to make poetry and writing more accessible. Based in Vermont with her family, you can explore her book and creative pursuits at or on Instagram @alexandracrivicikramer.

Sabrina is a registered clinical counsellor in BC Canada who has written a book, Not Good Enough: Understanding Your Core Belief & Anxiety.  Her book is a unique approach to understanding the connection between a person's core belief (not good enough) and anxiety.

Vex King is the Number 1  Times Bestselling author of Good Vibes, Good Life, and Healing is the New High. He is also a social media content creator and mind coach.