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2023 New Years Resolution

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Hello everyone! Dean here! (Founder)

We made it! We got through another year! 

I hope everyone was able to enjoy the festive period. However I know from experience how tough this period can be, it can take a real toll on our already fragile mental health! I am so proud of each and every one of you for turning up and literally going toe to toe with fear! You give not only myself but others around you and within this community the motivation to continue! thank you for being you!

We got here 2023! I am not a big believer in new years resoloutions however i do believe in small goal setting, there is scientific evidence that supports the case that small goal setting has a positive effect on us! When we set goals we have to be ok with the fact that we may not achieve them, if we dont achieve them we dont want to fall into the trap of shaming ourselves for not achieving the targets we have set. What we must do is praise ourself for the progress we have made, review the goal and adjust the goal accordingly. Every footstep forward leads to the same destination. There will be humps in the road, but you will get there, i believe in you and I make it my mission everday to try and make you believe in you too. 

I want you to speak to yourself the same way you would your best friend. You wouldnt be shaming your best friend for not achieving their goals, you would be encouraging them and supporting them along the way. You deserve this same respect.