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Preferred Coaches 2024

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Within this space, you'll encounter a carefully curated compilation of distinguished coaches, each possessing unique expertise in various domains. This page is intricately designed to provide you with seamless access to valuable resources, enabling effortless exploration of coach profiles. A simple click on each coach's name opens the door to direct access to their services or website.

Embark on a journey through the wealth of experience offered by professionals in the coaching field as you peruse the Preferred Coaches of 2024. Your expedition toward personal and professional development commences right here

With 20 years of experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Professional Coach, I specialize in helping clients overcome life challenges. I prioritize creating a safe space for open sharing, focusing on your strengths and using practical tools for positive change. I work with individuals dealing with heartbreak, divorce recovery, dating struggles, anxiety, and depression. Life transitions, whether welcomed or not, can be navigated successfully with the right strategies, leading you to become the best version of yourself. Join me for insightful discussions on mental health and therapy on the Gooding Wellness YouTube channel

Kym Tolson is a therapist turned digital nomad. Kym has ventured beyond conventional boundaries to create a life that seamlessly blends her love for travel with her dedication to transforming the world of therapy.  Kym provides actionable tips to help therapists create thriving private practices while traveling the world and building the life of their dreams.

Petra Amrein, Integrative Heath CoachIntegrative health coaching is a holistic approach to well-being, recognizing that physical health, emotional balance, mental clarity, and spiritual fulfillment are deeply interconnected. Through personalized sessions, I will help you set achievable goals, develop sustainable habits, and lead a more joyful and harmonious life. 

Nancy De Andrade, PhD is a professor of Psychology and a Holistic Wellbeing Coach for conscious entrepreneurs. She helps deepen self-awareness, navigate challenges with clarity, and create conscious impact in business and in personal life. 

I help women live a life without anxiety by healing the root cause through a holistic approach. My program, Anxiety No More helps you heal your anxiety for good instead of treating symptoms. Stop merely getting by with anxiety and live a fuller and calmer life.

Lucy Spicer is a Psychological Coach, Host of The Journal Podcast, and Founder of the Lucy Spicer Practice, a private clinic dedicated to offering clients the very best psychological support through 1:1 online sessions.

Certified and trusted, with over 10 years of experience both in the NHS and private sector, Lucy and her team are passionate about empowering their clients to become the best version of themselves by supporting them to understand how to change the way they think, feel and behave.

Guiding hearts towards self love and empowerment. Waving the magic of transformation in the realm of life coaching.

Te enseño paso a paso cómo superar la ansiedad, fobias, temores, obsesiones, preocupaciones excesivas y pensamientos negativos intrusivos. Soy Licenciada en Psicología, Master en Mental Health Counseling (Palo Alto University), Advance certificate practitioner en el Albert Ellis Institute, cuento con Posgrados en Ansiedad y psiconeuroinmunoendocrinogia del estrés ademas de Life Coach. Llevo 19 años ayudando a mis clientes a vivir una vida libre de ansiedad y se que tú también puedes superarla con las herramientas adecuadas.

Ricky delivers dynamic, fresh new perspectives & investment on wellbeing and Reiki Healing. He has developed a series of accessible, relatable curated holistic treatments to enable empowering transformations, leading to lasting beneficial shifts in the lives of his UK and Worldwide clients. 

Join Ricky on this transformative, empowering journey of success, self-discovery and self-love.

As a Certified Eating Psychology and Nutrition Coach, Tessie helps women heal negative food and body beliefs so they can create sustainable habits and confidence with eating, exercise, body image and mindset.

She has an award-winning health blog, and has worked as a health coach for companies such as USC, Bank of America, Nissan, George Washington University and more!


Diante is a Clinical Psychologist | Anxiety Coach helping people master anxiety and reclaim their lives. Her unique approach goes beyond traditional methods and is suitable for anyone who is fed up with anxiety hijacking their best moments.

Meet Nikki, Mental Wealth & Mastery Coach with over 10+ years in the self growth world. If you're looking for a coach who will help you expand your mind so you can reach the next level of life, Nikki is for you.

Life and Emotional Wellness Coach. I guide others to heal their nervous systems so that they may create a life that they truly love. 

Let’s Heal Together /Polyvagal and Trauma Trained  Nervous System Regulation.

Kai Tai Kevin Qiu, MD, left his medicine career to become an emotional growth and healing coach, specializes in guiding adults, especially those raised by emotionally immature parents, towards healing childhood traumas and cultivating emotional maturity. Kai offers a blend of structured courses, live coaching, spiritual teachings, lessons from his published workbook, and community support to his clients and his large social media audience of almost 700,000. His holistic and practical approach focuses on developing emotional intelligence and communication skills to empower individuals in rediscovering their authentic selves, reparent and heal their wounded inner children, and cultivating meaningful personal and professional relationships.

I am a retired Marine, retired federal government civilian attorney, and former President of the International OCD Foundation Board of Directors.   Having successfully developed a strategy to overcome a severe case of OCD, I became a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist in 2016 and have helped over 500 people around the world who suffer from OCD.  I have authored 3 books, operated a Facebook page dedicated to recovery since 2012, and produced an online course about my experiences.  Please visit my website for my books, motivational cards, online course, and for more information about me and my peer support services.  

I am a former college soccer athlete who has faced multiple brain surgeries, including a brain stem stroke, resulting in a profound personality change. Throughout a few years of personal exploration, I have diligently researched and discovered highly effective methods for overcoming the debilitating depression and anxiety that heavily impacted my life. Today, I am dedicated to utilizing this acquired knowledge to assist others in their own battles, offering them support and guidance.

As a Health & Life Empowerment Coach, Jennifer helps women who are frustrated and overwhelmed with the realization that the way they have always operated is no longer working for them. They may be experiencing health issues (like auto immune, pain, chronic health conditions or unwanted symptoms), or feel a lack of joy in life (feeling stuck, stressed, anxious and living on autopilot), and aren’t sure what to do to feel better. Using her Empower Signature Transformational System, Jennifer helps her clients take charge of their health, gain clarity, feel confident in their body’s ability to heal, and consciously create their most authentic life filled with confidence, peace, joy and purpose.

Mercedes is a Spiritual Life Coach & Meditation Expert. Her unique approach is based on meditation, spirituality, and mindset work. She supports men and women from all over the world, in their journey from anxiety to peace and bliss. 

Her 21-Day Meditation Challenge is the perfect place for you to gently introduce yourself to meditation and learn how to regulate your anxiety through this ancient and scientifically proven technique. 

Mercedes also hosts Blisstopia Podcast, where you will find free meditations as well as self-development and spirituality content to guide your soul’s journey.