Client Retainer Scheme (invite only)

Are you a mental health blogger/advocate/artist/community/brand/business or professional and wanting to see more results?

Are you finding it hard to grow and reach your full potential on Social media?

Do you feel that you are always at odds with the latest algorthim update?

Are you fed up paying for advertising and getting little to no success?

If the answer to these questions is 'Yes' then why not find out more about the 4 week client retainer scheme. The Scheme is invite only, after a full review we will let you know if your account would be eligable for the scheme. The scheme has limited places available.

Over 1 MILLION FOLLOWERS worldwide. The DLC Anxiety community is the largest anxiety community on social media and we want to help your account reach its full potential.

DLC Anxiety has helped several Health and wellness pages within the mental health community grow from a few hundred followers to several thousand. From a few thousand followers to over one hundred and eighty thousand.

Fill in the form below and DLC Anxiety will contact you to discuss your business needs. And let you know which services your account is eligible for.

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