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Preferred Nutritionists 2024

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Taylor Gendron (known online as Tay or The Anxiety Nutritionist) is a Holistic Nutritionist, Gut & Hormonal Health Educator, and Yoga & Meditation Teacher who struggled for years with generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder and depression before discovering the vital role diet, digestive & hormonal health plays in mental health. Today she helps women break up with their chronic anxiety, panic attacks and drastically improve their mental health through the powerful combination of food, lifestyle changes, nutraceuticals, gut and hormonal health optimization, nervous system regulation, yoga, meditation, mindset and lifestyle coaching.

Hello, I'm Nida Malik, an intuitive eating dietitian and nutrition coach. I specialize in breaking free from food and weight obsession, guiding individuals to cope with emotional eating through personalized learning and support.

My name is Olivia and I am a future dietitian trying to help others ditch dieting and feel confident in themselves and their eating habits. I offer a 1:1 coaching program called the Food Freedom Formula that teaches a non-diet approach to nutrition that is sustainable and allows you to eat all your favorite foods without guilt while still nourishing your body! 

Kara o Donnell is a nutritional therapist & functional medicine practitioner practicing in Cork Ireland & online. Kara is super passionate about personalised nutrition and a functional approach to health, after overcoming her own struggles with anxiety and panic attacks with a holistic approach. 'A personalised approach to nutrition is what is key. What is good for me, might not be good for you. I am fascinated by the body, it is a wonderful self healing organism, given the right environment and food, but it is easy to see how without the right constituents the body & brain can really start to suffer. We have the ability to create our own wellness everyday. 

A certified and registered behaviour and nutritional therapist, I work with clients virtually across Canada and the US. We explore nutritional concerns and dive into emotions, thoughts, and behaviours shaping your life. Unsure if your symptoms come from diet or stress? If you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed, I specialize in guiding you with empowering strategies, ensuring a clear path to change.